About Me - Andy Samuel


This is me. Andy Samuel. The one staring into the middle distance trying to look cool for the camera... Okay I agree, it didn't work.

I am born and raised in Gourock where I still live today. It's a small town, 30ish miles West of Glasgow on the West Coast of Scotland.

Growing up with the stunning scenery on my doorstep, you kind of take it for granted and its only when I started getting older, that I began to realise how lucky  I am to wake up every morning and look out over the River Clyde, towards Argyll & the Highlands.

This realisation has had a huge influence on my photography and not only do I love shooting moody Scottish landscapes, but I love trying to capture what makes Scotland Scottish and that, I believe, lies within its people. Whether that be family portraits and head shots or street photography with locals, tourists, or anybody else gracing this beautiful country, you're all part of this place I call home.

Wedding photography is extremely special to me. I am truly honoured to be part of your day and be able to witness (and capture) all the tiny details that make your day unique. That little look between the bride and her father or the bride and groom holding hands under the table. Whatever it is, I'm glad to be there and involved in your wedding.


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