Newborn - Andy Samuel


Babies grow sooooo fast, changing literally every day. Before you know it, they are asking for a "loan" of a tenner or to borrow the car....wait a minute, slow down.

Lets not get ahead of ourselves. Having a new baby in your home is a fantastic experience. A baby is only tiny for a very short period of time and what better way to savour those memories than having a newborn baby shoot for you to look back on in years to come and remember all of those emotions you were going through.

The perfect time for a newborn shoot is within the first 10 days, this is the time baby is happiest spending most of their time sleeping and are easily molded into perfect little baby models. I will always schedule ample time for feed and change breaks, ensuring baby is the happiest and most contented possible.

If you are interested in a newborn baby shoot or bump to baby packages, where I can design and print your thank your cards, please get in touch below for further details.



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